Company profile


1. Car rental and Leasing companies

Maintenance of vehicles' operation in an e-record that is available at any time to the user. Reporting of the driving behavior and usage of the vehicle by the driver.

2. Professional Drivers, Companies with fleets

Professional Drivers like taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, couriers, logistics companies etc.

3. Vehicles for distribution of sensitive products

Monitoring in real time of the vehicles' location on a map and operation by recording of specific measurements like temperature in fridge -vehicles etc.

4. Car repair shops

In case of any malfunction the repair -shop is alerted with details of the malfunction.The user then is informed about the severity of the situation from distance.

5. Insurance companies

Support of UBI /PAYAD /PAYHD services. Dynamic costs, rewards for good driving, driving behavior analysis.

6. Public Vehicles

Route monitoring, detailed weekly - monthly reporting about points of interest.

7. Private Vehicles - Drivers

Protection of new drivers by recording the driving habits and correcting possible mistakees. Information about vehicle status.